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How to maximize Chat-GPT? (Effective 3 Step Prompting Framework, Tips & Tricks)

Updated: May 7

Chat-GPT is an incredibly powerful tool capable of helping in many areas of work and life, but only when prompted properly.

We're going to cover a prompting framework that is simple and can be used to improve responses across a variety of use cases, as well as some other tips and tricks.

Prompting Framework

This framework is intended to be adaptable; every situation you use Chat-GPT will be unique and this framework can be adjusted to meet your specific goals.

The general outline is: Background > Task > Output

Overview: provide background context, then clearly define the task and then how you would like to receive the output. This is a straightforward way to think about prompts that will consistently deliver good response quality.

This framework is explored further in the table below:




Background Context

Provide background details on the task.

  • You are (position) -> You are a chief marketing officer for a healthcare services company, who is experienced at transforming departments.

  • You are working on (project) -> You are working on a lead generation strategy that will leverage email, social and dedicated landing pages. Goal is to have above average conversion rates.


Use verbs to communicate the task.

Analyze, Answer, Argue, Assess, Brainstorm, Compare, Create, Critique, Describe, Design, Develop, Discuss, Draft, Elaborate, Enhance, Envision, Evaluate, Explain, Explore, Formulate, Generate, Ideate, List, Outline, Plan, Predict, Summarize, Write

Desired Output

Clearly outline what you would like to be be produced.

  • Write an engaging blog that is around 500 words, using a friendly tone.

  • Create a categorized list of content ideas, for each idea include a two sentence summary.

  • What are the most popular social media platforms? Output top 5 in the form of a bullet list.

  • Ensure that the output has ().

  • Include information for ().

  • When generating a response, consider ().

Prompting Tips & Tricks: Leverage Chat-GPT

Self-Analysis - Have Chat-GPT review its own output.

Prompt Example:

You are a content marketing manager for a b2b software company.

Generate a list of 10 blog ideas for [Product].

Ensure that each idea has a two sentence summary and a clear theme.

From that list, select the 3 blog ideas most likely to provide value to [Persona] and explain your reasoning.

Self-Improvement - Have Chat-GPT improve your conversation.

Prompt Examples:

  • How can the analysis from our conversation be improved?

  • Is there anything else to consider with regards to [Topic] or our conversation so far.

  • How can the previous prompt be improved to achieve [Goal].

Prompting Tips & Tricks:  Iterate

  • Use a variable for longer, repeatable prompts.

Initial Prompt Example:

X = [Persona]

You are a marketing director who is working on a marketing plan for different target personas.

For X create an overview of this market segment and marketing strategy ideas for each marketing channel.

Include information about the products most relevant for X, the needs, challenges and problems faced by X as well as the most successful marketing tactics for reaching X.

Follow-up Prompt Example:

Regenerate where X is [New Persona]

Next Steps

To get the most out of these prompts and harness the full power of AI, consider a custom-trained GPT tailored to your company’s unique data, market, brand and strategic objectives.

MG Lynx specializes in developing tailored AI models, as well as providing implementation services to ensure your team is fully equipped to unlock the potential of this technological revolution. Additionally, we offer ongoing support and model updates — so your team is always set up for success.

More blogs from MG Lynx here.


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