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About MG Lynx

  • We specialize in creating practical and easy-to-use AI tools that empower businesses to achieve more.

  • Our intelligent chatbots are custom-trained to meet your unique needs, simplifying workflows and enhancing productivity.

  • We make AI accessible, so your team can work smarter and unlock new levels of efficiency.

  • Based in New York. 


Our Principles

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Strategic Discipline

Thorough analysis, careful planning, precise execution and continuous evaluation; to deliver outcomes and effectively use resources. 

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We have a relentless focus to achieve your goals and deliver your unique requirements. 

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We want to build lasting partnerships based on trust, respect, and transparency, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Our Approach to Projects

Our approach is rooted in systems thinking and disciplined requirements gathering. Every project is unique, but this is the high level process will we follow to ensure our efforts deliver specific value to your business. 

Step 1: Define Business Objectives and Requirements

We will begin every project by identifying the key stakeholders involved in the project; followed by a thorough processes to gather the project requirements and understand how they relate to business 

Step 2: Design and Development

Following the requirements gathering, we will being developing your custom solution. This may involve data gathering, predictive model development, data visualization and dashboard creation or the development of an AI solution, depending on the type of project.

Step 3: Presentation and Feedback

We believe it's important for continuous communication throughout the process; this presentation is an opportunity to gather feedback from your team about how our solution aligns to your unique requirements and to refine our solution.

Step 4: Deployment and Continuous Monitoring

After periods of review and solution refinement, we will deploy your solution. This involves rolling out the solution to your broader company and incorporating into workflows. Depending on the type of solution we may advise deployment be split into a Soft and Full launch, in order to effectively integrate the solution into your company 

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